IKEA PS 2014 Official Press Photos + Prices!


Here they are: the official IKEA PS 2014 press photos, including the prices :) Which one is your favourite? And the best news (to me) is that the desk and the corner cupboard will also be available in white, and the coatrack will also be sold in bare wood! I already spotted the rug and the cushion cover in my local IKEA, but officially these items will be available from April! Which one will you buy? I'd love the white corner cupboard, the white (low) floor lamp, the Strandmark mirror and coat rack and everything by Dutch designers Scholten & Baijings! :)

Designed by Matthias Hahn (set of three 14,95 euro)

Large mirror (by Margrethe Odgaard) and small mirror designed by Ebba Strandmark (19,95 and 29 euro)

Planter designed by Swedish designer David Wahl (14,95 euro)

Designed by by Polish designers Krystian KowalskiPawel Jasiewicz and Maja Ganszyniec, also available in white! (149 euro)

Designed by American studio Rich Brilliant Willing, also available in white (49,95 euro)

Table designed by Tomek Rygalik (179 euro)

Designed by Tomás Alonso (25 euro a piece, there are 5 kinds in 3 colours: mint, dark red and white)

Wooden Hangers (5-8 euro) and Mirror (10 euro): designed by Tomás Alonso

Designed by American studio Rich Brilliant Willing, in colour and in white (69,90 euro)

Designed by Margrethe Odgaard (cover 12,99 euro)

Designed by Matali Crasset (179 euro)

Designed by Japanese designer Keiji Ashizawa (79 euro)

Designed by by Swedish designer Ebba Strandmark, also available in bare wood! (49,99 euro)

Bench designed by Swedish designer Anna Efverlund (99 euro)

Prints designed by Scholten & Baijings (that we know from HAY!) (14,95 euro for a set of 2)

Clocks by Scholten & Baijings (who also designed for HAY!) (7,95 & 9,95 euro)

Designed by by Polish designer Tomek Rygalik (69,95 euro)
Designed by Matthias Hahn (table 99 euro, bench 49 euro)

Designed by Swedish designer David Wahl (49,90 euro)

Designed by Jon Karlsson ( 49,90 euro)
Graphic rug designed by Margrethe Odgaard (two sizes: 69,95/99,95 euro)

Designed by by Swiss designer Nicolas Cortolezzis (29,95 euro)

Narrow bench designed by by Swedish designer Henrik Preutz (49 euro) 

Designed by Japanese designer Keiji Ashizawa (49,99 euro)


  1. Oh there's some amazing stuff in there! Too bad we don't need any furniture at the moment (I'm sharing a house with 3 other people so I can't keep bombarding them with my stuff haha), but I'm in love with that desk in white!

    1. Haha I understand, even in my case (just the boyfriend) there has to be some discussion before there'll be a purchase ;) I love so many of the items!

  2. Lots of great stuff here! Too bad we don't have IKEA here in Estonia. Seems I have to plan an IKEA trip to Helsinki in April.

    1. Hi Anu, so nice of you to stop by again :) I can imagine that you must be sad seeing all of these photos and not to be able to easily get them :) But hey Helsinki doesn't sound too bad!


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