7 Ways to Pimp Your IKEA Furniture

I love IKEA. The designs are great, they keep the environment into account and the quality is good a lot of the time. The only (first world) problem is that in many houses you'll be able to count the IKEA pieces :) Unfortunately there aren't that many ways to customize your IKEA furniture pieces if you only use the standard IKEA ingredients. Sure, they sell some additional covers but nothing extremely rebellious ;) Below I'll show you several ways to turn your standard IKEA piece into an unique piece of furniture!

1. Change the legs of your sofa, bed or cupboards :)
A relatively cheap way to change the look of your furniture is by changing the standard legs. The most famous company that sells original legs for your IKEA pieces is the Swedish company Prettypegs. I've ordered four of these for my new Soderhamn sofa that will arrive this thursday. I ended up buying the relatively simple rounded wooden pegs ('Svea'), but I like the V-shaped 'Hillevi' legs (that you see in the first picture) very much as well! Check out the entire Prettypegs collection here. Another Swedish company that sells separate legs is Superfront, a company that I'll elaborate on in a minute.. :)

Sources: PrettyPegs

2. Change the doors
If you're willing to spend a little more money to update your IKEA furniture, make sure to check out the website of Swedish company Superfront. They've got several designs available in many colours: doors, handles, legs etc! One of the downsides to this website is that they only offer doors for the IKEA Besta, Pax and Metod series. But don't let that be a dealbreaker :) People that know me a little won't be surprised if I say that I absolutely love the cube version :)

Sources: Superfront

3. Get a new cover
For an impressive make-over you could also consider changing the covers of your sofa or lounge chair. This is especially a good idea if the your furniture piece is still in a good condition but you just don't like the colour/print anymore. IKEA does sell separate covers for many of their models, but only in the colours that they already sell couches in. And sometimes you just want something a little more special :) That's where Swedish (what else?) company Bemz comes in! From baby blue to zebra to floral and plaid -- you can get every print or colour or style you can imagine here :) It is quite pricy though (€219 for the sofa cover that I would want), but it shows in the quality I think, at least on the photo. I mean, have you ever tried a IKEA Klippan cover on a leather Klippan sofa (like I did?). It was way too wide, the leather surface was obviously too slippery and it looked like I pretty much just put my bedding over my sofa ;) Then I think this would be a way better option! :) You can also order a Bemz sample if you're not sure about the colour or quality of the fabric. Here is some inspiration from the Bemz website!

Sources: Bemz

4. Customized shelving
Kudos for creativity! This design for Ding3000 is actually called 'Billy Wilder' because it makes your classic IKEA Billy well ehm.. wilder :) The design won its maker a concept award.

5. Sticker-it-up!
A little less known company that helps you to customize your IKEA furniture is Mykea, who offer stickers for your pieces. It's a perfect way to change up your furniture without adding any drastic and permanent changes. If you're an artist reading this, you can actually offer your designs on their website! There are some very bold designs available, as well as designs that are more suitable for you kids room :) Just go to the website, pick a design and the furniture piece that you want to use it for to get started! I've chosen a few more minimalistic examples as you probably expected! The first one in the style of Dutch artist Mondriaan :)

 Sources: Mykea

6. Change up the handles
The just mentioned brand Superfront also offers a lot of handles. But if you want to get new handles to customize your IKEA pieces you can probably get them in a store nearby, just make sure to measure it up correctly :) It's also a great way to incorporate trends that may not be so timeless, like the copper and brass that we've been seeing a lot lately :) Here's some inspiration from the Superfront website:

Sources: Superfront (1 and 2) and Sugar and Cloth (3)

7. Budget: Do It Yourself
Low - or no - budget? Don't sweat it :) Check out this creative Dip Dye DIY by Blogger Anna Dorfman from Door Sixteen! I guess you could probably achieve the same effect by using washi tape -- assuming that you do it very neatly :)

And then there's of course the most famous IKEA DIY on Pinterest lately, the Klubbo side table with marble contact paper by Livet Hemma :) A perfect way to incorporate that expensive marble trend that's so incredibly popular right now - and that you might get sick of within a year ;)

Also, if you're handy in a electric drill kind of way you should also make sure to check out the IKEA Hackers website! I will probably never be a handy person ;) 


  1. Lot of nice ideas! and my sofa!! :)

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post! We don't have IKEA in Estonia, so those who are not very familiar with IKEA product range and don't spend their time in Pinterest or interior blogs don't recognise all IKEA pieces. This is a good side of not having IKEA store near, but the bad thing is that I have to go to Helsinki when I want to do some IKEA shopping.

  3. Anonymous11:55

    What a great idea! I often get bored with my IKEA furniture after a couple of years. My Klippan couch definitely needs new covers! Those bright pink legs are awesome!

  4. Leuke post, en wat een goede tips!

  5. Such lovely comments, thank you :) I wouldn't know what to do without our IKEA, Anu ;)

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