Pink accents in white Scandinavian homes

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Preferences can change. I used to hate pink, more specifically the connotations the colour has as being a typical colour for little girls. Silly of course, these are backwards and socially constructed limitations: it's just a colour! :-) But lately I've been gravitating towards pink accents in Scandinavian homes. Especially muted colours like blush, dusty pink and salmon/peach pink in a fresh statement wall or piece of furniture. Extra points for ombre walls and colour block wall art! And it seems pink is everywhere these days; it's even one of the two Pantone colours of the year: Rose Quartz - which is a little too bright for my taste :-) Below you'll find a lot of pink inspiration. How do you guys feel about pink accents in minimal nordic homes? 

PS for the people who've been noticing my absence: I'm slowly starting to blog again, just trying to pick things up where I left them in a slow pace :-) 

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