Feels like spring: my compact home

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Since it's been a while I thought it would be nice to show you some recent photos of my home :-) Even though we've been living in a very compact home (40m2 is not that big for two people) these past five years I still love it! It has very nice large ceilings, about 5 meters tall. And not owning that much space also means I have to spend less money on furniture, since my taste can be quite expensive hehe :-) The biggest compliment I've ever received from someone on the subject of my home was that it seemed bigger everytime he visited it. I do make an effort :-) From the white ceilings and minimal furniture to the very light sofa cover for my IKEA Soderhamn sofa. And don't forget the triangular IKEA PS 2014 corner cabinet :-) I try to give my home a personal touch by adding some statement (colour) pieces, like my yellow Zuiver chair, the letterbox, the artwork, my graphic Zilverblauw wallpaper and many many plants. What do you guys do to make your house look as spacious as possible?

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All photos were made by me, please credit them if you use them :-)

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