Meet The Blogger Masterclass in Copenhagen

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Last weekend I was able to attend the Meet the Blogger Photography and Styling Masterclass in Copenhagen. The amazing teachers were the creative American couple Tina and Jack Fussell from Traveling Mama/Flying House (who live in Copenhagen with their three kids) and my favourite Dutch interior blogger Wendy van Woudenberg from Beeldsteil. The first part was taught by Jack and Tina who gave us a crash course in photography at lightning speed (ranging from composition and lighting to camera settings and posing). I've learned so much in such a short time frame :) Tina gave us some very insightful tips on what people want to see in your photos. Afterwards we were able to practice with a real-life model called Mille! This was new for me as I'd never really photographed people before (asides from the occasional vacation picture of my boyfriend :))

The second part of the course was taught by Wendy and she set up some fantastic mini field-trips for us; to the Vipp store and to the HAY store. Additionally we were able to practice our styling at the Generator Hostel (where the classes took place) with wonderful Muuto products. Wendy gave us good styling directions and taught us that not-quite-perfect styling is often more interesting than photos that would not seem misplaced in a catalog. This was not as easy for me as you'd think though, as I'm a great lover of 'clean-ness' and symmetry ;) Unfortunately many of these photos turned out somewhat blue because of the fluorescent lighting in the hostel - which we could not turn off..
The day was sponsored by companies and brands I admire very much, like HAYVippBoliaMuuto and Simply Chocolate. I met some great new people and at the end of the day we even got a generously stuffed goodie bag! Scroll down to see my results!

I loved visiting the city itself as well, even though I spent crazy amounts of money in the sale at & Other Stories and COS in just a few hours ;) Besides, the weather was extremely lovely this time of year, particularly compared to the weather my boyfriend and I experienced there last January ;) The last 8 hours of my trip were spent with my impressive stack of British Medical Journals though, in the transfer area of the airport, surrounded by seemingly powerful (and might I add well dressed!) businessmen with their laptops :)

PS I would be very grateful if you'd vote for Nordic Days in the vtwonen / Meet the Blogger awards competition (in the beginners < 2 years category)! If you believe I deserve it of course :)

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