Copenhagen here we come! :)

Yes! After visiting Stockholm last april our next nordic trip will be to...Copenhagen! It will be at the end of january (after handing in my bachelor thesis at the university..) Unfortunately sleeping in the beautiful and minimalistic Stay Copenhagen hotel (which is filled with mostly HAY furniture) will be a bit too expensive for us, but a person can dream right? :) 

I love how all of the city apartments on offer on Airbnb seem to be filled with Danish design. Arne Jacobsen Chairs? Absolutely! Panton chair? Check! Kay Bojesen monkey? Ofcourse! Poul Henningsen lamps? Too many to count :) The Danes seem to be very proud of their  design heritage! I've also spotted HAY furniture more than once! Copyright issues prevent me from posting some of them so feel free to check them out yourself on Airbnb

Things I've spotted so far for the to-do-list are the Arken Modern Art Museum, the Cinematheque (my boyfriend studied film), the National Museum of Photography and maybe the Tycho Brahe Planetarium since I majored in the Scientific Revolution in the 17th century ;) Ofcourse I'll also save up some time to visit the flagstores from HAY and Normann Copenhagen and ofcourse the Stilleben, Playtype and Marimekko store!

HAY Flagship Store

Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store

Playtype Store

Stilleben Store

GUBI Store

Royal Smushi Cafe Copenhagen

Designer Zoo

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For more photos feel free to check out my Copenhagen Pinterest board. Enjoy the last days of the year and make sure you did everything you wanted to do in 2013 ;)


  1. Anonymous19:27

    I also first visited Stockholm and then Copenhagen :) Both great cities!

    1. I'm very curious about Copenhagen, hope it won't be freezing at the end of january ;)


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