The CultureNordic Nordic Days Collection + discount!

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Today I am proud to present a special Nordic Days collection for CultureNordic!

CultureNordic matches my values in stating that we should support designers who make their products with love - instead of buying mass produced items. CultureNordic also collaborate closely with several Scandinavian museums like The Danish Architecture Centre, The Danish Film Institute and The Karen Blixen Museum to preserve their historic heritage. While I was putting together a Nordic Days collection I tried to select items that match my taste -- without it becoming too black and white as a whole! The best thing is that my readers get a 15% discount with the code NordicDays2014 :) You can find my CultureNordic Nordic Days collection here.

What about this cool Polar Bear by Karl Zahn for Areaware
It has a secret storage compartment for your small but prized posessions :)

Original cups and espresso cups by Design Letters with the Font of my favourite Midcentury Modern designer Arne Jacobsen... OK, maybe it's a tie with mr. and mrs. Eames :)

I really like the Hygge candle from Skandinavisk. The Danes claim that 'Hygge' is untranslatable, which It's funny because we have a similar word for it in Dutch that we thought was untranslatable as well: "gezellig" -- meaning a kind of cosyness, for example with candles on the sofa with some tea and a blanket in the company of people that you love :) I've also selected the candle called "Hav", claiming to smell like the sea!


Minimalistic Danish Bird Alphabet Poster by Johanna Magoria

And of course I wanted to include a set of 3 timeless Grey Moleskine Notebooks

 I really like this super cool Themis Trio Mobile by Swedish designer Clara von Zweigbergk (who also designed the famous HAY Kaleido trays!)

I like the combination of raw wood and modern laser techniques that results in this beautiful iPhone cover 'Lavfjell' by TRĂ„E, a company founded by the Danish Josefine Bruus and Norse Marte Herness

Stacked Light-house Tea Light Holder and Tall Stacked Vase by Lars Rank

Flower Me Happy 'Lotta' Vase by Danish designduo Meyer-Lavigne

Black Box Earrings #3 by Christine Bukkehave

This Short Sand Gum Vase by Marion Fortat is great for that one simple branch or flower while it also looks like a piece of bubble gum :)

Also make sure to check out the CultureNordic Launch Campaign :)

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  1. Mooie collectie, Flor! Goede mix van een paar bekende en veel nieuwe namen.


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