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I show a lot of expensive design on my blog. Because not everyone can afford this I also have a category on my website called Design on a Budget. Because although buying the original product is usually better, buying a cheaper interpretation of the same idea might sometimes be a more reasonable option :) I would like to add that I don't necessarily endorse these knock-offs, I do think you should try to reward the original designers if your bank balance allows you to. Today I'm showing you three items by the Dutch brand Leitmotiv that are obviously inspired by the great Nordic brands Normann Copenhagen, HAY and &Tradition. I own the Leitmotiv side table (because the Normann Copenhagen version was just too expensive for me) but I do own the original HAY Don't Leave Me Table and the original &Tradition Milk Lamp. The fourth photo is ironic and some sort of poetic justice because it seems that Leitmotiv's original design for a coat rack was copied in the new IKEA Ps 2014 collection ;)

Above: Leitmotiv Orbit Table (€98) vs Normann Copenhagen Tablo Side Table (€220) by Nicholai Wiig Hansen

Leitmotiv Serve Side Table (€90) vs HAY Don't Leave Me Table by Thomas Bentzen

Leitmotiv Orbit Table Lamp (€60) vs &Tradition NA1 Milk Lamp by Norm Architects (€155)

Leitmotiv Vixen Coat Rack (€129) vs IKEA Ps 2014 Coat Rack (€49,99) 
designed by Ebba Strandmark (more IKEA Ps 2014 photos here)

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