January: A New Calendar?

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Since it's officially still january, I guess it's still OK to suggest some calendars for your home. As a typography lover I believe that a calendar can be really beautiful -- and can define your room. There are many choices. Do you want a simple calendar you can write birthdays on, or do you want a classic piece of art like the Massimo Vignelli Stendig Calendar? Maybe you like a funky calendar like the 'Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar' calendar. Perhaps you want one for on your desk -- to know whether the 21th is a monday or a tuesday. Or do you seek a more environmentally friendly perpetual calendar that you don't have to replace every year? It's all up to you :) Below you'll find some examples and a visual shopping guide!

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Massimo Vignelli Perpetual Calendar | House Doctor Perpetual Block Calendar | Muji White Desk Calendar | 

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