A New Year, A Fresh Start: Renovating My Hallway

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Somehow the fact that the year is coming to an end makes me want to paint everything white! It feels like I'm making everything fresh again :) I've painted my office and living room wall this week and I'm renovating my hallway as well. There's a fresh layer of paint on the doors and I'm having someone paper my walls soon with this beautiful Zilverblauw wallpaper. I'm not that 'handy' myself and my boyfriend is even worse :) The simple - though stylish - matte black lamp by Massive was only €23 and of course I'll complete it with my Eames Hang it All Special Edition that has been laying around here for too long.. Since my hallway is quite small I'll have to keep it simple -- just the way I like it :) 

Hallway Renovation

If you're thinking of renovating your hallway as well, here is some black and white inspiration :) Also make sure to check out my hallway Pinterest board. If only I had the space to position a chair in my hallway... 

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  1. I personally feel like we have a similar taste when it comes to interior design. I also think black and white are classic, yet elegant choices for your hallway. Kudos! I feel like a hallway must be very minimalistic, yet it should still have its character so I think that design choice is great.
    Arthur Bryant


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